March 13, 2019

Remote Virus & Malware Removal

Is your computer’s performance dismal? Is it running ridiculously slow or constantly showing pop up ads or security messages? If so then it is likely that your system is infected with a computer virus or some other form of malware.

Viruses and malicious software can be unknowingly downloaded with inocent looking software programs or even through simply visiting websites, even trusted ones that have been comprimised by hackers, via drive by downloads.

While some malicious software simply causes poor performance and constant interuptions, other more serious infections also put you at risk of having your identity, bank account and credit card details stolen.

Let our experienced engineers help to protect your valuable personal information and get your system to a secure state once again.

Quick & Convinient Virus & Malware Removal

Our experienced engineers will log in to your computer remotely, detect, remove and then help to prevent any future infections. And as the service is delivered remotely, there is no need to travelto take your computer to a repair shop.

Our Remote Virus Removal Service includes:

  • Convienient remote access
  • Detection and removal of all viruses and malware
  • Detection and removal spyware and adware
  • Supply, installation and update of antivirus software as required

Note: We also affer a large discount of £25 if both the Remote Virus Removal and the System Tune Up services are purchased together for just £79.

How it works…

Remote Virus Removal
Convienient remote access
Removal of all viruses & malware
Removal of all spyware & adware
Installation / update of antivirus software
Cheaper than repair shop work and no need to travel
Remote Virus Removal & PC Tune Up
All the features of the Remote Virus Removal service
All of the features of the Remote PC Tune Up service
Save £25
Remote PC Tune Up
Return PC to like new performance
Find and repair operating system errors
Speed up disk access times
System optimization for faster boot times and operation
Cheaper than repair shop work and no need to travel