November 8, 2016

Secure Email Messaging


Secure Email Messaging


Welcome to Secure Email Messaging from Reliance Technologies

Secure Email Messaging from Reliance Technologies is a powerful, secure, cloud-based communications and information management solution that enables both regulated and non-regulated organizations to effectively protect, control, and manage communications.

At its core, Secure Email Messaging makes it simple to send and receive secure messages directly within email apps (including Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail) whilst using existing email addresses. There’s no complex installation required, it takes minutes to set up, and is fully functional on mobile devices. In addition, Secure Email Messaging’s robust feature set enables real-time message tracking and control, large file transfers, secure e-signature validation, and regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.

Secure Email in Office 365

Send Confidential Data Securely

Our Secure Email Messaging service is ideal for organisations that are required to send highly confidential or sensitive material such as financial or legal documents or contracts securely. But the service also offers many more features than this and would be of benefit to any company looking for more security and control over the messages and information they have to send from their business each day.

Solve all of these Problems with Our Secure Email Messaging Suite

  • Encryption of messages and documents in transit
  • Secure large file transfers (up to 5GB)
  • Secure document signing
  • Secure authentication of document signers
  • Secure and compliant document storage
  • Delivery slips for automatic desktop and mobile tracking and alerts when documents are interacted with
  • Advanced message controls such as ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze, For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) and full message recall
  • Fast setup in literally minute
  • Mobile enabled so you can send, receive and sign from anywhere
  • A single solution for all of you secure communication needs

Secure Email Messaging: Key Benefits

Send Private Emails to Anyone

Send Private Emails to Anyone
Send fully secure emails to internal employees, partners, customers, patients — anyone, without requiring them to download special software.

Encrypt and Send with One Click

Encrypt and Send in One Click
Never leave your inbox to encrypt a message. Simply hit send to secure your emails and stay compliant.

Securely Share Large Files

Securely Share Large Files without Clogging Your Inbox
Email files up to 5GB quickly, bypass pre-set file size limitations and know instantly when a file is accessed or shared.

Experience Anxiety Free BYOD

Experience Anxiety-Free BYOD
Allow users to share messages on mobile devices without compromising security or data integrity.

Who When What

Know the Who, When and What of Your Email
Receive real-time message tracking and notifications with 100% accuracy. Know when an email was received, read, answered, forwarded, deleted or printed and who took the action.

Hit send without a second thought

Hit Send without a Second Thought
Protect and control extra-sensitive messages with ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze, and FYEO (For Your Eyes Only). Recall messages and attachments (even if opened) or set message expiration date.

Send Secure Information

Send Secure Information from any Web Page or Cloud-based App
With the Cirius Messaging API you can integrate secure sharing into almost any web-based app or web page as a secure web form to protect data.

Deployment is a Easy

Take It Easy: Deployment Is a Snap
Not an IT expert? No problem. Setup is easy, with no extra hardware or MX records to transfer.

Rest Assured with Compliance

Rest Assured When It Comes to Compliance
Maintain data privacy and comply with regulations through the service’s advanced encryption capabilities, extensive controls and unique secure architecture.

Budget with Confidence

Budget with Confidence
Our single-price subscription includes all of the solution’s features, plus new functionality that is updated quarterly.

1-3 Users
£9.95/Month per User (Min 3 Users)
Email Encryption
Send Secure Large Files Within Outlook (5GB)
Delivery Slip
Advance Message Control
Electronic Document Signing
4-10 Users
£8.95/Month per User
Email Encryption
Send Secure Large Files Within Outlook (5GB)
Delivery Slip
Advance Message Control
Electronic Document Signing
11+ Users
£7.95/Month per User
Email Encryption
Send Secure Large Files Within Outlook (5GB)
Delivery Slip
Advance Message Control
Electronic Document Signing

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