September 19, 2018

Managed Cyber Security

managed security

With the increase of disruptive and costly cyber attacks, malware and ransom-ware these days, it is essential that organisations take steps to protect themselves to ensure they don’t become the latest victims of such attacks. Our Managed Security solutions make this easy for our customers.

With the headlines filled with stories of even large companies and organisations such as Sony, Avast (CCleaner) and the NHS suffering data loss and security breaches and falling victim to ransom-ware attacks, it is clear that all organisations, large and small, must take the security of their data and IT networks very serious if they don’t want to suffer the same fate.

Layered Approach to Managed Security

Our Managed Security solution utilises a layered approach to ensure that we can help protect your network and IT systems from possible compromise from a variety of potential threat vectors. Unfortunately there is no one magic piece of software that will protect your systems from all threats so we implement layers of protection to strengthen the weak points of entry to your IT systems.

Risk Intelligence Scanning

Our Risk Intelligence scanning service will scan your network in real-time looking for three types of threats – sensitive data, vulnerabilities and inappropriate access permissions.

A financial value will then be applied to the amount of liability you are currently carrying in your systems. This information will then be used to design and implement a managed security solution for your organisation.

As we use a layered approach to IT security we are able to implement only the elements that you need. This allows us to ensure that we can either replace your current solution or simply strengthen it as needed.

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring

Any managed security service worth it salt should allow your systems to be monitored continuously and ours is no exception. Our 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring service continuously monitors your systems for potential hacker activity as well as suspicious activities from applications and services that may indicate a potential security risk or malware infection.

We can also monitor your critical apps such as antivirus applications and backup to ensure that they are working and behaving as they should be. The last thing you want is to find out after a critical event that your backups have not been completing successfully or that your antivirus hasn’t been updating.

Managed Antivirus

Our managed antivirus helps to protect organisations from both known and emerging malware on their workstations and servers. Once we have installed our Managed Antivirus software on your computers we monitor it continuously and make sure that it not only stays up-to-date to combat the latest known threats using traditional signature-based protection, but also that it protects against new viruses using sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioural scanning.

With new threats created by cyber criminals each and every day, it is essential for organisations to protect themselves by using these proactive methods to help ensure they have rock-solid malware protection. And not only is our managed antivirus constantly monitored and managed to ensure that it provides outstanding security, it also boasts a low rate of false positives.

Patch Management

Protecting your IT systems requires vigilence. Hackers and malware producers look for vulnerabilities in Windows and other Microsoft software as well as many other thrid party applications. keeping these programs bang up to date with all of the latest security patches is essensial to help keep these cyber criminals at bay.

Our patch management solution enables you to do just that whilest removing any of the hastle for you. With our patch management you reduce the risk of falling victim to a cyber attack whilst at the same time improving system stability and performance.

Web Protection

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Email Security

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Backup & Continuity

Cloud Backup for Schools

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Business Backup & Continuity

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