July 5, 2017

Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus from Reliance Technologies

Our managed antivirus helps to protect organisations from both known and emerging malware on their workstations and servers. Once we have installed our Managed Antivirus software on your computers we monitor it continuously and make sure that it not only stays up-to-date to combat the latest known threats using traditional signature-based protection, but also that it protects against new viruses using sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioural scanning.

With new threats created by cyber criminals each and every day, it is essential for organisations to protect themselves by using these proactive methods to help ensure they have rock-solid malware protection. And not only is our managed antivirus constantly monitored and managed to ensure that it provides outstanding security, it also boasts a low rate of false positives.

Benefits of our Managed Antivirus

  • Enhanced security with award winning antimalware technology
  • Massively scalable architecture with high availability and performance
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Simplified security management
  • Simple rollout
  • No need to worry – Completely managed solution

Features of our Managed Antivirus

  1. Utilises the top rated industry leading antivirus engine – Bitdefender
  2. Managed so always monitored
  3. Extensive signature-based scanning
  4. Heuristic checks
  5. Active protection and behavioural scanning
  6. Single AV solution all across devices – including Windows/Mac, server/workstation
  7. Outstanding performance – Unobtrusive protection
  8. Pinpoint accuracy
  9. Scheduling
  10. Default policies for servers, desktops and laptops
  11. Powerful customisation of policies
  12. Control timing – Pause / cancel scans if needed
  13. Easy setup – Can be deployed in bulk
  14. Very light on resources

Remove the headache of ensuring that your network is secure

With our Managed Antivirus service you no longer have to worry about whether your computers are protected and up to date as we monitor your antivirus for you. We can see if the antivirus on all of your machines is installed, running, up to date and scanning when it should be and we can usually resolve any issues if it isn’t without you ever having to do a thing. Let us worry about your network security so that you don’t have to.

More information

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